Joseph Rehling

We had issues with our chimney for years, and Blackburn Chimney noticed the liner was two inches smaller than it should have been. Whoever did the previous liner undersized it to avoid doing the necessary work to put in the right size liner. The Blackburn team was pretty surprised when they tried to remove the old liner and it turned out to be drainage pipe instead of a chimney liner, making the removal of the old liner very difficult. The old terracotta liner was till in there, probably because it took less time to put a smaller liner in rather than doing it right. Blackburn Chimney took out the side of the chimney to get it right, and I believe his price was very fair. The work was exceptional. I appreciate their time, patience and professional work. I spent a lot of time checking to make sure his advice was right, and it was always accurate. I would use this team again for sure. They were great.