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Tia C.

Conducted a quote via Yelp for a chimney cleaning and inspection, decided to go with Mr. Eddie with Blackburn Chimney and I’m glad I did! He was very knowledgeable and explained my old wood burning system to me. He even assist with helping burn my first fire in my chimney. Definitely recommend good service and price are a hard thing to come pass these days.

Alicia W.

I am so glad I selected Blackburn Chimney. They responded quickly to my inquiry and quoted a reasonable price. Eddie arrived on time with his own shoe covers and drop clothes. He is very personable, informative and professional. I will call him next year for annual maintenance.

Abraham P.

Quick and responsive. Happy with the service. Recommended to others.

Jeffrey D.

We’ve had two very substandard unprofessional sweep firms to work on our smoking chimney issue with no result.  Eddie on the other hand was knowledgeable, provided a thorough inspection, and diagnosed the issue with options.  We’re confident that he resolved the issue.  We would have contacted Blackburn from the start.

Walter M.

I’ve been in the area for about 6 months. I’ve had all sorts of service people come in and out. This is greatest service I’ve received period. Everything from the phone call, all the way to payment. Clearly knows what he’s doing, didn’t try to sell me on things not necessary like the other guy who quoted me from another company, came with high quality tools and a great customer service attitude. Jesus Christ I’m ready to offer him a job at my company haha. It’s great to have a service person I can trust. I’m a service person so I know what to expect and I am a satisfied customer! Thank you sir!

David S.

Blackburn Chimney was able to quickly fit us into their schedule.  Eddie, arrived on time, did a great job, fast, clean and reasonably priced.  I burn a lot wood in a season so I will be sure to be using Blackburn Chimney again very soon.

Jake G.

Professional and prompt service with very competitive prices. Everything was inspected from below and up on the roof. The chimney was cleaned and I even got some additional tips on things I could do to make our fireplaces more efficient. I highly recommend this business.

Andre L.

Had to get my chimney cleaned and inspected, they were very prompt, clean, and affordable! He recommended some repairs to the outside of my chimney and was able to get it done on the spot. Highly recommended

Sarah M.

Eddie was absolutely amazing!! Very productive and very efficient! He took proper safety protocol and measurements to make sure the rest of the house stayed clean and was able to explain proficiently other obstacles that we would have to tackle! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED HIS WORK! We wouldn’t want any one else on the job besides Eddie! Thank you again!!!!

Stephanie L.

Eddie and Blackburn Chimney came out to inspect two fireplaces in our new home. We were nervous because the house already quite a few issues. Eddie showed up and made us feel very comfortable. We inspected the chimney promptly and walked us through the report in detail. We had a great experience with Blackburn Chimney. We recommend them to friends and will be using them next time.

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