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Frederick County, MD is a great place to live. It is a charming area, pedestrian-friendly, and rich in history with beautiful architecture and abundant countryside wineries. Located in the Northern region of Maryland, Frederick County brings all the amenities of a big city to the suburbs. There are always things to do and see – great restaurants, shopping, exploring local antique stores, distilleries, and breweries. Home to Civil War Era buildings and museums, history buffs love it too! It is also the largest agricultural county in Maryland, home to the highest numbers of turkey farms, organic farms, meadery, and farm breweries. Each year, more and more homebuyers are moving to Frederick County, which means that our chimney sweep Frederick MD services are in high demand. From historic homes to new housing communities and commercial properties to everything in-between, our chimney sweep and repair specialists are ready to help. Our highly-trained technicians are licensed and specialized to meet all your chimney needs at an affordable and competitive price.

Our experts are available 24/7 to meet your needs. In need of a chimney leak repair Frederick, MD or a chimney inspection? We’ve got you covered. Need a chimney sweep Frederick MD or repair service fast? You have come to the right place. We provide any and all chimney-related services, including but not limited to:

Featured Service: Chimney Leak Repair Frederick MD

Chimney sweep Frederick MD

All types of chimneys require tight seals and waterproofing to ensure no leaks allow water to enter the home. Cracks can form naturally in the mortar between bricks from exposure to seasonal changes and cold weather. When cracks in brick, tiles and mortar occur, water can leak through and cause wood rot, rust, widespread structural damage, and mold which can be harmful to your health. Improper sealing between the flue cap and chimney can also allow water, debris, and unwanted critters to enter into your chimney.

Water damage can become a big and expensive problem down the road if left untreated. An annual chimney inspection Frederick MD is important to make sure your chimney is leak-proof! Often, homeowner’s insurance will not cover water damage unless it is a result of a severe weather event so it is important to get regular inspections. If a leak or water damage is found, we can help with waterproofing and replacing any damaged components as needed. 

Additionally, chimneys are exposed to the outside world, and may suffer damage as a result from harsh weather conditions. Unexpected fires can happen in a neglected, dirty chimney which can lead to varying degrees of damage depending on the type of chimney you have. Sometimes you may not even be able to tell that there was a chimney fire which highlights the importance of getting an annual chimney inspection.

For masonry chimneys, damage from an unwanted fire can lead to cracked walls and mortar, broken stone, and collapse at high enough temperatures. Cracked tiles and mortar allow the formation of pathways for flames to travel and reach the inner frames of the house, putting you at a significant risk for a house fire. Pre-fabricated, factory-built, metal chimneys are also capable of being damaged. Although they are designed for good ventilation, and pre-fabricated materials must pass inspection, damage can still occur at high enough temperatures. Because there are a variety of home styles, new and old, in Frederick County, it is important to contact specialists, like our experts at Blackburn, that have extensive experience in all types of chimneys and fireplaces.

Our repair services in Frederick County are endless. We are equipped to fix all chimney problems from leaks, to cracks, to holes in mortar, and more. Services include waterproofing and chimney leak repair, chimney crown repair, flue repair, chimney sweep Frederick MD, and cap repair. We also are highly experienced with masonry brick repair, flashing repair, and repair and replacement of fireplace dampers.

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