Chimney and Fireplace Repair

Are you looking for a chimney and fireplace repair expert at an affordable price? You have come to the right place. Our highly-trained fireplace repair experts are here to help inspect and repair your chimney. Currently we service homes in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

Why Might Your Chimney Need Repair?

Diagram of chimney needing repair

Chimneys are exposed to the outside world, and may suffer damage as a result from harsh weather conditions, lightning, hail, sleet and heavy rain. Furthermore, unexpected fires can happen in a neglected, dirty chimney! Damage from unexpected fires can lead to damage depending on the type of chimney you have. 

For masonry chimneys, damage from an unwanted fire can lead to cracked walls and mortar, broken stone, and collapse at high enough temperatures. Chimney fires also lead to cracked tiles and mortar which allow the formation of pathways for flames to travel and reach the inner frames of the house, and embers to enter the walls and even the roof. Ultimately, this puts you and your home at an even greater risk of more fires that are more destructive.

Pre-fabricated, factory-built, metal chimneys are also capable of being damaged. Although they are designed for good ventilation, and pre-fabricated materials must pass inspection, damage can still occur at high enough temperatures. In these cases, replacement of the unit is advised rather than repair. Our chimney and fireplace repair experts can also help you with that!

All types of chimneys require tight seals and waterproofing to ensure no leaks allow water to enter the home. Cracks can form naturally in the mortar between bricks from exposure to seasonal changes and cold weather. When cracks in brick, tiles and mortar occur, waller can leak through and cause wood rot, rust, widespread structural damage, and mold which can be harmful to your health. Improper sealing between the flue cap and chimney can also allow water, debris, and unwanted critters to enter into your chimney.

Finished chimney repair

Some signs of chimney damage include:

  • Accumulation of powdery white residue (efflorescence) on chimney bricks
  • Chimney brick or stone spalling
  • Chips or cracks in chimney cap covers
  • Water pooling in mortar joints or inside of fireplace
  • Flaking flashing
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What Is the Average Chimney Repair Cost?

It really depends on the type, extent, and location of the damage.

Repair of simple cracks in brick and mortar can range from $200-300 to fix. However, if cracks are left untreated, extensive damage can occur from the crown all the way down to just below the part that meets the roof. This type of repair can range in the +$3,000 range. If the integrity of the chimney is beyond repair, demolition and rebuilding may be necessary and can cost $10,000 and up.

Leaky sealant and cracks in the crown of the chimney can lead to water entry into the home. Simple sealant repair can cost $200-300 depending on the extent of the problem. Crown repair can range from $200-400, and 

Our services are endless. We are equipped to fix all chimney problems from leaks, to cracks, to holes in mortar, and more. Services include: 

  • Waterproofing and chimney leak repair
  • Chimney liner installation
  • Chimney crown repair, flue repair, and cap repair
  • Installation of liners and sealants
  • Masonry chimney brick repair
  • Repair of flashing which keeps water from getting into your home
  • Repair of fireplace dampers (which prevent heat from escaping when fireplace not in use)

Chimney repairs, installations and chimney removals are best left to professionals. Making repairs yourself can be time-consuming, ineffective, and may cost you more money in the long run if not properly done. Our fireplace and chimney repair experts are here to help. Give us a call today at 301-965-1341.