Chimney and Fireplace Cleaning Services

Are you in need of a thorough chimney cleaning service at an affordable price? Our highly-trained and experienced chimney technicians have you covered. Our experts who currently service homes in Washington, D.C, Virginia, and Maryland are eager to assist you in making your chimney cleaner and safer for you and your family during the cold winter months. To learn about the necessary benefits of chimney cleaning and better understand our fireplace cleaning service, please read on.

Why Does My Chimney Need Cleaning?

Dirty fireplace and chimney that we cleaned

As you can imagine, your chimney is exposed to the external environment which can lead to the accumulation of dirt, grime, leaves, and even critters! The collection of dirt and debris restricts air movement up through the chimney which encourages the formation of creosote, in addition to increasing your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Creosote is a residue formed by the by-products or substances given off during the wood-burning process that condenses into a sticky residue as it reaches cooler temperatures up the chimney. Many factors can lead to the build-up of creosote, such as burning of wet and green wood, burning of paper and regular trash, soot buildup at the base of your fireplace, and the location of your chimney. This black, flaky residue builds up along the inner surfaces of the chimney, and is highly flammable and combustible, meaning that it greatly increases your fire hazard risk in your home. In fact, failure to clean a dirty chimney is one of the leading factors contributing to home heating fires. Creosote build-up restricts air movement through the chimney, which encourages the formation of more creosote. This creates a never-ending and dangerous cycle if left alone.

This dirty chimney was in desperate need of a chimney sweep

The point is that a dirty chimney puts you and your loved ones at risk for a house fire. Clean chimneys are safe chimneys! No one wants to experience a chimney fire or worse yet, one that spreads into the home. Luckily, however, there are ways you can protect you, your family, and your home.

How Do I Know If My Chimney Needs Cleaning?

All chimneys require regular maintenance by your local chimney sweep, but there are also a number of signs to look out for that may indicate a dirty chimney:

  • Excess smoke
  • Poorly burning fires that are difficult to get started
  • Campfire-like odors coming from fireplace due to creosote build-up
  • Smoke not rising up through the chimney/poor air movement

About our Fireplace Cleaning Services

Our highly-trained local chimney sweeps use the latest technologies to clean your chimney from top to bottom. Our fireplace cleaning service include the use of state-of-the-art power sweeping systems, brushes, vacuums, and power washers. In the case of the presence of animals in your chimney, we provide human animal removal. Our local chimney sweep technicians are trained and have the equipment to access all parts of the inside of your chimney so not one dirty spot goes un-missed!

How Much Does a Local Chimney Sweep Cost?

A local chimney sweep can cost anywhere between $80-200. This often depends on the extent of the dirt and pollutant build-up. Companies will typically perform a fireplace and chimney inspection first. While some people may choose to clean their chimneys on their own, there is nothing like having peace of mind from having a professional fireplace cleaning service from your local chimney sweep!

Please contact us at 301-965-1341 to learn more about our fireplace cleaning service and/or reach a local chimney sweep expert.